Get inside the ‘Fritter minds with their latest reel. Principals  Adam Pitman, Adam Stilwell and David Blair alongside teammates Nathaniel Peterson and Jonna Bell tell you what we’re all about here at BadFritter Films. Featuring clips from our films Paper Dolls and Roulette, the video ends with a super sneak peak at an exciter teaser for the upcoming remake of the ‘Fritters haunting cult favorite Roulette.

Tomorrow night in New York City

Tomorrow, March 28 at 8pm Paper Dolls will be screening at the Deren Theatre in Manhattan!

Come see the film talked about in David Coleman’s new book “The Bigfoot Filmography”! (Get it on Amazon now! “…its the overall vision of Paper Dolls as a complicated jigsaw puzzle that makes it so unique in the canon of Bigfoot films—and all the more puzzling that it has received such scant recognition and/or distribution…”—David Coleman

Don’t be a part of the “scant recognition” and come see Paper Dolls tomorrow night!

Start Spreadin’ the News (Ba Ba Ba Da-da)

The BadFritters are taking New York in little more than two week’s time as “Paper Dolls” gets its Big Apple premiere! This is as much an opportunity for us as it is an honor and a few of us will be making the trip to the east coast to ensure BFF is properly represented! “Paper Dolls” will be screening Wednesday, March 28th in the Deren Theatre (32 Second Avenue [at 2nd street] New York, NY 10003).

The film begins at 8:00 p.m. For more information visit See you there!

BadFritter Films’ Montana Contingent

On the eve of the most recent BadFritter convergence, one that will find us in Whitefish, MT. to meet with (and excite!) our future Executive Producers, I presently find myself sitting in Adams’ Stilwell and Cotton’s living room in Alhambra, CA. drinking a beer, and gathering last-minute information needed for the Investor’s Packets. In Seattle, WA. Jonna Bell is finishing the final touches on reformatting the packets, stream-lining the content and making everything uniform and ready to deliver. Angela Millhone is on her way to deliver our new business cards and to make some last-minute tweaks on the budgets (and, I’m sure, to enjoy a vodka soda or two later!) Stilwell and Cotton, having just wrapped a successful band practice, are sitting here with me relaxing and musing on the Clippers’ performance in tonight’s game (for more insight on their fanboy affinity, go to In a matter of hours, Stilwell and I will be boarding a plane bound for Missoula, MT. where we will connect with Nathaniel Peterson and Adam Pitman. Monday morning will find us driving to Whitefish to commence our week of meetings, team building, spit-balling, and doing our damnedest to secure funding for our 2-film venture in 2012.

It has begun…

Photo Credit: Jonna BellOnly two weeks in and 2012 is already looking like the Year of the Fritter. The Film Team (Adams Stilwell, Pitman, and Cotton, David Blair, Angela Milhone, Nathaniel Peterson, Jonna Bell, Greg Mannino) have been super busy putting together the all-important Investor’s Packets to deliver to hopeful Executive Producers for not one, but TWO films, both to be shot in 2012. In February, there will be a Fritter convergence in Whitefish, MT. to deliver these packets and to drum up enthusiasm and support.

In related news, BadFritter Films’ “house band” Planets will be shooting an online concert of their creep-tastic rock opera, TheDarkWoods later next month (details to be provided as the date draws nearer). As you know, TheDarkWoods is a collection of songs and score from and inspired by BadFritter Films’ Cliff Lake. The rock show premiered last October at the Old Towne Pub in Pasadena to a huge crowd of fright film fans and freaks. If you missed it then, nows your chance to use the web for something other than checking your Facebook and streaming porn! Keep your eyes HERE for details on how to see this online event!
2012 may be our last year on Earth as we know it, and BadFritter Films intends to use the time wisely. With films in the works, fresh recordings from Planets’ Adams Stilwell and Cotton, a debut novel from David Blair, and a few crazy surprises in the making, we’ll keep you entertained and inspired right up to the bitter end when the aliens pour barbecue sauce on our planet and devour us whole!
Happy New Year, friends!
… of styrene caves and carcasses

"AWESOME!" I yelled after ending the phone call informing me that I had been hired as Production Designer for Paper Dolls. There wasn’t much offered salary wise nor would the budget allow me to hire any art department crew but I was so excited by the script I would have agreed to do it for Craft Service alone. It was one of the best I had read in LA, certainly the best one I had ever been considered for. What it called for in creativity would give me the chance to further spread my wings as a production designer on film. Moreover we were to shoot in Montana, which was a chance to go somewhere I had never been nor knew anything about yet again, and since travel is my favourite form of education it was all too good to be true. It proved to be all that and more…

I knew no one on the crew except for one person I had shot a short with years before and who had gotten me my interview. Other than him, all were strangers and there we all were in the wilderness in the northern Montana Mountains to make art - incredible! Needless to say - but I will anyway - the challenges that arise on every film shoot were coupled with others they paled in comparison to and took us from inspired ingenuity to downright vandalism. In addition they took me from buying nightstands and fluffing flowers one day to stabbing a chainsaw into huge blocks of styrene the next as I careened scene to scene as I was called to stage a suburban kitchen one moment to the bone filled den of a Sasquatch at another; from making caves in a garage to being elbow deep in cow carcasses on the side of the highway at midnight.

Without an assistant full time I was kept jumping. Remembering it now, including the all day drive for what felt like a clandestine meeting at some gas station in a town of two buildings to pick up a small stash of weapons from our explosives engineer, it seems as though I was on some deranged steeple chase/scavenger hunt/decathlon. It was all a total blast that I remember with more than fondness and a lot of laughter. Still one of the best work experiences of my life that yielded a film of which I am extremely proud and feel lucky to have been a part of creating.

Musings on the life of Paper Dolls

This coming Saturday night, we’ll be celebrating a little horror film we made back in ‘06 called Paper Dolls. For the first time ever, it will be available to stream LIVE here at Until now, the only way to see this elusive film was during its successful run on the festival circuit in ‘08 and ‘09, or if you happened to know the filmmakers, of course (but chances of getting a copy from us were slim as every one that landed in our hands was quickly eaten by our mailboxes and on its way to possible distributors or sales agents). So now, nearly 5 years after its completion, Paper Dolls is finally getting the life it deserves: a world-wide audience.

While of our 3 films Paper Dolls has seen the widest audience, it still remains relatively obscure in the world of independent horror films. A distribution deal has evaded us, and self-distribution, while a viable option and still on the table, takes more money, money we don’t presently have. I remember thinking, due to how fast everything moved after Roulette that Paper Dolls was just the next small step on the fast-track to my inevitable (and greatly wished for) career in the film industry. But after the reality of how “the biz” actually works set in and us without a distribution deal and nobody shoving money in our pockets to make our next big one, disillusionment pried my eyes open and cast a shadow across my destiny. I was proud, of course, to be the co-writer and co-director of a multiple-award winning film, but for me, getting Paper Dolls to a global audience (and—not gonna lie—reaping a little financial reward) was the ultimate goal then. That was the sign of success; if Paper Dolls never found distribution and didn’t immediately lead to our next project, we failed.

This didn’t stop us from making more movies. In ’09 we shot several pieces pertaining to our horror epic The Madness, and in 2010 shot Cliff Lake. Of course, these were made on something smaller than a micro-budget, but were nonetheless legitimate projects that sharpened our storytelling and filmmaking skills. The point is that we kept working. We didn’t let the fact that Paper Dolls’ progress seemed inert stop us, nor did we give up hope that it would eventually get picked up by some company for distribution and find a new life. I’d be lying, though, if I said I didn’t think (and, on darker days, still DO think) Paper Dolls might never be given the life we expected it to have. But how often do our expectations ever really match our reality?

I am excited and proud to be given the opportunity to finally share Paper Dolls on this scale. For three days, it will be available to everyone. All those emails from curious horror film fans, all those messages requesting the film, all the questions asking if Paper Dolls was just a practical joke, this event is for those people. On behalf of my BadFritter band mates, we truly hope you enjoy what you see and that the wait was well worth it. Thank you for hanging on and keeping curious. It is your breath giving life back to our little horror film.

Thank you.